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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Are You Facing Foreclosure?

Mullica Hill NJ: What can you do if you are facing a foreclosure?

One of the scariest and worse case scenarios for a homeowner is getting so far behind in your payments that foreclosure is leering around the corner. You feel as though you have let everyone, yourself included, down. You feel embarrassed, even if you aren't actually holding the papers yet. So now what? Click here to discover how other sellers successfully did a short sale and avoided foreclosure.

Here are a few tips to help you out:
1.) First off if you've been getting letters threatening foreclosure you need to step up and take action. Ignoring them until you actually get the foreclosure papers sent to you will not make it go away.

2.) Its time to sit down and figure out how far behind you are and if it is truly realistic to catch up your payments. You have to be real and honest with yourself about your situation and figure out a realistic budget to work with. Thinking that oh I can do this, I just have to cut out my $5 latte every morning and make up the money is not a realistic option that will get you out of the situation. Be realistic and figure out exactly how much you can budget each month for the necessities and the small extras. If you haven't noticed, this entire step has used the word realistic and thats the exact word you have to keep in mind.

3.) You have to realize and keep in mind that, in all honesty, the last thing your lender probably wants is to own your home. They are in the money business, not the home owning business. If they are forced to take over the home they're also faced with everything a homeowner is faced with; such as all of the maintenance, upkeep, heating bills, air conditioning bills, all of the utility bills and more. This comes down to one thing, they really don't want to take your home and would probably much rather work with you to make realistic arrangements in helping you keep your home.

4.) Do not avoid your lender. Call them and start to see what can be done to stop the foreclosure. Once the actual foreclosure begins its very hard to stop it; so you want to make sure you contact them immediately. If you reach a person that you simply cannot deal with and takes the approach of scare tactics and put downs, then immediately request to speak to their superior. You deserve to be treated with respect throughout the entire process and demand such. Once you start talking to the financial agent you may find they have many options in place to help you. You are not the first person they've had who was in the position of possible foreclosure and you wont be the last.

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Thanks for reading this, Larry Sarlo.

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