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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Open House Check List for Agents

Saturday and Sunday mornings are always quite entertaining when watching Realtors ready the big day! Here are a few tips when placing your Open House sign. Have Fun!

  1. Don't park on a busy street or the left hand turn lane
  2. Run fast
  3. May want to purchase an orange vest and keep it in the trunk of your car
  4. Be aware of your local sign ordinances
  5. Put your sign in front of the others already on display
  6. Don't wear a short skirts and spiked heels
  7. Take your car keys so you don't lock them in your trunk or get your car stolen
  8. Tell your family where you will be
  9. Try to avoid getting tangled in the balloons
  10. Make sure direction signs are facing the right direction.
  11. Don't push signs through electrical lines or irrigation lines
  12. Make sure competition does not change your directionals toward their way, the other way!
  13. If at the last open house nobody showed, put "free food and refreshments" signs next to directionals, make sure you have enough when church lets out and for the hungary yard salers...

    Real Estate, hwat a great business.

    Please add to the list.

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